King's Daughters

The King's Daughters Ministries began on the foundation of God's Word in Psalm 45:9,13: "King's daughters are among Your noble ladies..The King's daughter is all glorious within."So many women today are not aware of just how precious they are to the King of Kings or that they are filled with His gifts and callings. We believe that as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit with Spirit inspired events, teaching, and times of encouragement, that women will discover, through their involvement and commitment, that they are precious and have a special place to serve in His Kingdom. With each event, we are emphasizing one of the following "Discovers":Through the ministry, a King's Daughter will:
  • Discover her true worth and value
  • Discover the depth of the King's love for her
  • Discover new sisters, friends, mothers and daughters
  • Discover and use her giftings
  • Discover a "Kingdom Mentality"
  • Discover the authority of her King
  • Discover the voice of her King
  • Discover the blessings of being a daughter
  • Discover the joy of the seasons of life
  • Discover her royal roles

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